You Know a Solar Pool Heater Could Save You Money – But Do You Realize How Much?

 You Know a Solar Pool Heater Could Save You Money – But Do You Realize How Much?

Those who do not reside in California frequently believe that pool heaters are not necessary for residents of this state. If a homeowner wants to use their pool all year long, they would be wise to think about a pool heater even if they may not generally be required in the middle of June.

However, there is typically one significant obstacle: the expense. Solar water heaters can be useful in this situation. The Stanley Louis Company has long been a leader in the solar industry. Our customers are frequently surprised to learn how much money they could save by installing a solar pool warmer rather than a conventional unit. Continue reading to find out more, and then get in touch with us at 800-217-6527 to schedule a time for an estimate on a new pool heater.

How much it costs to run a gas heater

A gas pool heater can cost as much as a few thousand dollars a year to operate on average, however the exact cost will obviously vary depending on a variety of factors. After you account for the cost of first purchasing the equipment, that is. Many families might consider it exorbitant to spend $2,000 on a more pleasant pool, but they sometimes believe that their only other option is a frigid pool.

How solar pool heating works

Let’s first analyze how solar pool heating functions before talking about the final cost. There are various parts in the procedure, but they are all automated, so all you have to do is jump in the water and take pleasure in the pleasant temperature.

A solar pool heating system typically consists of a solar collector, pump, filter, and flow control valve. Together, they all heat the pool water without having the negative environmental effects that a gas pool heater would. Pumps are used to pump the water through the filter and into the solar collector. There, it is heated before being brought back to the pool.

The price of putting in and running a solar heater

Naturally, the price of a solar pool heater varies substantially depending on the model. It will cost more to select a glazed option than an unglazed option. The good news is that because they are only required when temperatures fall below freezing, glazed units are rarely required in California.

The size of your pool, the desired temperature, the amount of solar exposure, and other considerations will all affect the system’s overall cost. Call 800-217-6527 to speak with The Stanley Louis Company and request an estimate for your specific requirements.

The average solar pool heater, according to estimates from the Department of Energy, can pay for itself in lower energy bills in as little as two years and can then save homeowners thousands of dollars year after that.

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