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No matter what kind of commercial property you may have, maintaining comfortable temperatures in your swimming pool or spa is essential. After all, if the water isn’t warm enough for your customers to enjoy, they won’t use the pool, and you’ll end up throwing away money every month on maintenance to support an amenity that no one appreciates. By investing in a quality commercial pool heater and taking the steps necessary to keep it in excellent working condition, however, you can make sure your pool is always ready to enjoy. At The Stanley Louis Company, we have decades of experience in commercial pool heaters, including all the major brands. We can assist you with:

  • Gas pool heaters
  • Solar pool heaters

We Specialize in Solar Pool Heating

As a company that got its start in solar water heating, The Stanley Louis Company is an excellent choice for all your commercial solar needs, including solar pool heating. We can recommend a system that is suitable for your commercial pool’s needs, in terms of volume of water that needs to be heated, temperature of the water, and location of the solar collection equipment.

Get Fast Commercial Pool Heater Repairs

Whether your pool is located in an apartment complex, a hotel, a fitness center, a spa, or a community center, having the pool heater conk out can be very bad for business. Customers will no doubt waste no time getting on social media to broadcast the failure or on review sites to express their displeasure about it. Fortunately, you can limit the time that your pool is closed due to heater failure by calling The Stanley Louis Company. We provide 24/7 emergency pool heater repair. You can rely on our technicians to be prompt, professional, and courteous and to provide a lasting and reliable repair for your commercial pool heater.

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