What size water heater do I need?

The capacity of your water heater should be based on your typical water usage patterns. You’ll want to consider not only the number of fixtures but also the frequency of use and the likelihood of simultaneous use of any high-volume fixtures. The pros at the Stanley Louis Company can help you figure it all out.

Do I really need annual service?

Annual maintenance is highly recommended if you want ensure that your water heater continues to deliver the high level of performance you expect over the course of its lifespan. Depending on the type of equipment and any history of problems it may be necessary to inspect more or less frequently to ensure safe and efficient operation.

What manufacturer is the best?

It depends on what type of system you’re interested in, as each manufacturer has its specialties. At The Stanley Louis Company, we’ve been working with all kinds of commercial and residential water heaters since 1981, and during that time we’ve seen first-hand how different models perform in real life applications. We work with the highest quality manufacturers and we will always make an honest effort to provide you with the very best, unbiased recommendations about which units to purchase.

Can I get a rebate on my hot water heater?

Yes, rebates are often available for many types of residential and commercial water heaters, especially if you are upgrading to a new high-efficiency model or a solar system. You may be able to find a rebate through your local gas supplier or through a government agency.

What are the benefits of a tankless system?

Tankless water heaters can significantly reduce your energy consumption because they help eliminate waste associated with storage tanks. They are able to provide on-demand hot water so you only pay to heat the exact amount of water you need when you need it. Though tankless systems are typically more expensive to install than traditional water heaters or boilers, they last longer and don’t take up nearly as much space.

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