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We install and repair all kinds of solar water heaters

When The Stanley Louis Company was founded in 1981, solar water heating was our primary focus. Though we’ve expanded our services over the years to better serve our customers, solar has remained a particular passion for us. Today we are your best choice for both commercial and residential solar services, providing expert design, installation, repair, and maintenance for all kinds of solar systems.

Choosing Your Solar Water Heater

After many years of paying close attention to the many technological advances in solar water heating, The Stanley Louis Company is ideally positioned to help you select the best solar system for your needs. With the right system, you may be able to improve your energy efficiency by 50 percent over your current gas or electric water heater. There are two main types of solar systems to choose from:

Active Solar Systems

Active solar systems circulate water between a storage tank and a solar collector using a pump to create a ready supply of hot water for home or business use. This type of water heater is highly efficient and can be used on its own or a as a pre-heater to generate warm water to be further heated by a conventional system.

Passive Solar Systems

Passive solar systems are less expensive and more reliable than active systems because they don’t include a pump. Instead, they allow heated water to rise naturally from the collector into the storage tank. This type of system does present design constraints because the storage tank must be located above the collector.

We Repair All Kinds of Solar Systems

No matter which type of residential or commercial solar system you may end up getting, you can rely on The Stanley Louis Company to provide expert repair and maintenance services. All of our service technicians are highly skilled, having completed factory training courses with many major manufacturers and completed a minimum service period before being sent out in the field on their own. We have a live operator on call 24/7 to answer your calls and dispatch a technician for fast and effective emergency service.

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