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Get more enjoyment from your pool with our residential pool heater installation & repair services

Even in sunny southern California, there are some days and times when it may be just a bit too chilly to enjoy an unheated pool. Considering the high cost of pool installation and maintenance, it simply doesn’t make sense to accept this limitation when for just a bit more of an investment you can install a high-quality, reliable residential pool heater. Having a pool heater will not only enhance your enjoyment of your pool, it will also help improve the value of your property by making your pool a four-season amenity. At The Stanley Louis Company, we’re happy to help you select and install the right new residential pool heater for your property as well as provide service and repairs for existing pool heaters.

We Specialize in Solar Pool Heating

Though we have branched out into other water heating technologies since our founding in 1981, residential solar water heating was and is our specialty. This makes the Stanley Louis Company an ideal choice for residential solar pool heating. Though solar pool heaters don’t provide the same precise temperature control that gas or electric pool heaters do, solar is clean, cheap, and efficient. We offer a variety of systems, many of which are extremely low-profile and will blend in easily with your roofline.

Get Fast Residential Pool Heater Repairs

No matter what kind of residential pool heater you may have, you can rely on The Stanley Louis Company to provide prompt, reliable, and professional service. We have very high standards for our repair technicians, all of whom are well trained and have completed a minimum service period before being sent into the field to perform residential water heater repair of any kind. If you need service for your pool heater in a hurry, simply call our live operator any time, day or night, and we will dispatch the next available technician to your aid ASAP.

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