Yes, You Need a Licensed Contractor if You Need Repairs or Service for Your Commercial Boiler

Yes, You Need a Licensed Contractor if You Need Repairs or Service for Your Commercial Boiler

We are delighted to be a top-notch hot water specialist who has been servicing local clients since 1981 at The Stanley Louis Company. Part of the reason for our company’s success is that we place a high value on technical ability. Before going out to our clients on their own, we need our technicians to fulfill a minimum service time, and we make sure that our contractors’ licenses are up to date.

The Stanley Louis Company possesses three California contractor licenses: a C-4 boiler license, a C-36 plumbing license, and a C-46 solar license. Here are a few of the main reasons you should always choose a qualified provider for your business boiler servicing. Call us at 800-217-6527 if you would like to get started.

We have the know-how

Obviously, you want to make certain that your business boiler servicing company is knowledgeable in their field. After all, your boiler was undoubtedly a significant investment, and you rely on it for the smooth functioning of your company. You don’t want to risk it breaking down because it wasn’t maintained correctly, but you also don’t want to be misled by someone who keeps proposing needless maintenance and repairs.

Fortunately, if you pick a contactor with a C-4 boiler service license, you can be confident that your boiler will receive the precise amount of expert attention it requires. Why? Contractors must demonstrate their industry understanding of boilers in order to obtain this license.

We are insured and bonded

Licensed contractors must be properly insured and bonded. This is a significant benefit for your business because it prevents you from having to pay for any incidents that occur while your boiler is being serviced. If you want to be certain that the contractor’s insurance is current and valid, you may verify the contractor’s insurance status with the California Contractors State License Board.

We have business ethics

Another advantage of working with a registered boiler contractor is that licensed contractors must adhere to specific business ethics. When working with estimates and contracts, this is especially true. You will receive clear and accurate written information.

We have built a name for ourselves over many years of service

One last advantage of hiring a licensed contractor whenever you need help with your boiler is that professional contractors are more concerned about their company’s name and reputation than any fly-by-night unlicensed contractor or handyman. If you have employed a licensed contractor, you can obtain aid and support from the Contractors State Licensing Board if you have a problem that you are unable to address with your contractor directly.

We provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Do not hesitate to call The Stanley Louis Company if you want experienced business boiler service. We have technicians available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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