Unveiling the Necessity of Annual Hot Water Heater Flushing

As homeowners, we are all aware of the significance of consistent home maintenance. Understandably, ignoring routine upkeep endangers our home appliances and the very integrity of the property. More than just averting equipment failure, preventative maintenance is a prerequisite to ensuring a safe living space. One such routine task that demands our attention is the yearly flushing of our water heater.

Particularly, owners of tank water heaters need to underscore this point. Neglecting an annual flush could lead to premature repair or replacement costs. Continue reading to understand why this procedure is so important and how to arrange for it. For professional assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Stanley Louis Company at 800-217-6527.

Demystifying the Process of Water Heater Flushing

When homeowners consider flushing their water heater, they often draw parallels with routinely flushed household appliances, such as their toilets. They may even liken it to other easily flushed plumbing fixtures. However, the process of flushing residential and commercial water heaters is not as simple as pressing a lever.

To effectively flush your water heater, it’s best to engage a professional who can competently drain your water heater storage tank completely. They will subsequently introduce a hose into the emptied tank. The water has to be fully drained to ensure the thorough removal of mineral deposits and sediment that might have accumulated in your water heater tank over the year.

The Aftermath of Neglecting Water Heater Flushing

While there is no legal mandate to flush your water heater, failure to do so has its repercussions. The likely outcome is that these materials will accumulate at the base of your tank, subsequently insulating the flames or heating elements in your water heater. The result? The water that should be adequately heated is not warmed sufficiently or efficiently.

The presence of sediment in your water heater is a prime cause of inefficiency. However, the problem doesn’t end there. Gradually, it can begin to infiltrate your pipes, leading to potential pipe damage, diminished water pressure throughout your residence or commercial establishment, and ultimately, the bursting of pipes.

If it’s been over a year since your last water heater flush, The Stanley Louis Company emphatically recommends that you contact us at 800-217-6527 for assistance. We cater to all water heater-related services, from repairs to the installation of solar units. Connect with us immediately to initiate a maintenance plan.

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