Understanding the Role and Function of a Boiler Expansion Tank

Are you aware of the existence and purpose of boiler expansion tanks? Many individuals aren’t. At The Stanley Louis Company, we recommend these components to certain clients. If you’re a suitable candidate, we’ll discuss it with you when you reach out to us for boiler services. In the meantime, let’s delve into the specifics of boiler expansion tanks.

What is the Function of Boiler Expansion Tanks?

Expansion tanks serve to create a buffer for water to expand into when heated. Without this air buffer, the boiler system’s pressure can exceed its handling capacity. This would trigger the opening of the pressure relief valve, discharging water to alleviate pressure. However, with a boiler expansion tank in place, this eventuality can be effectively prevented.

Varieties of Boiler Expansion Tanks

There exist several types of boiler expansion tanks, and your local boiler service provider can assist you in determining the optimal choice for your specific requirements. The two primary kinds are the steel type expansion, resembling a lengthy steel drum, and a bladder type expansion tank. Both are suitable for hot water heating applications, domestic water heater applications where water hammer and pressure present challenges, and for chilled water cooling applications.

The bladder type expansion tank is commonly used in newer boiler systems, but steel expansion tanks remain in operation. In the steel variant, the air and water are in direct contact. However, in the bladder variant, a diaphragm separates the air and water. While the liquid doesn’t compress, air can, hence it can be compressed in a closed-loop system.

Within the steel expansion tank, the air behaves much like a spring, absorbing the surplus pressure generated when the boiler system heats the water. Consequently, the water expands and contracts, not due to compression but based on fundamental physics—water expands when heated and contracts when cooled.

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