Two Important Considerations to Make Before Installing a Pool Heater

Two Important Considerations to Make Before Installing a Pool Heater

There are many advantages to adding a pool heater. At The Stanley Louis Company, we are often asked if this is a process that a person can take on their own. The answer is that yes, technically, you could install your own pool heater – but we do not advise it. Keep reading to learn two important considerations that are more easily made with the help of a professional installer, and then contact us at 800-217-6527 to find out more.

  1. The Right Level of Electrical Power is Needed
  2. Ideally, you will need a 20A power circuit that is dedicated specifically to heating your pool. The input power necessary is directly related to the size of your pool pump. Generally speaking, the higher the capacity is, the more power is required. The specific needs will be detailed with the type of pool heater you choose, with solar pool heaters needing unique conditions. For example, if you have a large pool heat pump that ranges from 35 kW to 110 kW, then you will need a three-phase connection. Do you know how to do that? Do you know what the terms above mean? If not, then it is best to work with an experienced company that can handle all of this for you. For example, if there are issues, it is possible that you could add two or three heat pumps to overcome electrical power issues.
  3. You Need to Install the Heat Pump in the Right Place
  4. The second main issue is making sure that you install your heat pump in the exact right place. They require ventilation to run correctly, and the cycle of heating is partially fueled by the energy in the fresh air around them – this is why they are so efficient. We strongly recommend only installing them outdoors, though an indoor installation could be done if the inlet ventilation and outlet are ducted.

If there is a lack of airflow to the pump’s inlet, then you will have poor performance. The pump must also be installed on a leveled surface, and rubber feet are required to ensure that vibration is kept to a minimum. These are just a few of the factors to consider when deciding where to install your pump.

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You want to get as much use out of your pool heater as possible, and you want it to run as efficiently as possible. That is why it is wise to invest in professional installation. We can help you get the right pool heater, the right electrical needs behind the scenes, and the right installation location.

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