Troubleshooting a Pool Heater That Won’t Turn On: Learn the Steps You Can Try on Your Own

Troubleshooting a Pool Heater That Won’t Turn On: Learn the Steps You Can Try on Your Own

It might be quite a shock and a disappointment to learn that your pool heater won’t turn on when you’ve been looking forward to a good, relaxed swim in a heated pool. The majority of people can only check to see if the pool heater is plugged in for an electric heater or if it has fuel for a gas heater. However, by using these straightforward suggestions, you may improve your problem-solving skills. You can always contact The Stanley Louis Company at 800-217-6527 to get fast help from the professionals.

Check the filter

A filthy pool filter is the most frequent reason why heaters in swimming pools won’t turn on. The flow of water might be severely constrained by a filthy filter or pump basket, rendering the heater inoperable. Fortunately, it’s a simple fix—you just need to take the filter off, clean it, and check that all the valves are open.

Check the safety switches

The second most likely reason of your pool heater issue, if the filter isn’t the issue, is a broken safety switch. The control loop is a fundamental circuit used in the construction of pool heaters. For the heater to come on and start producing heat, each safety switch in this circuit has to be activated. To locate these switches, you’ll probably need to refer to your pool heater’s handbook.

The pressure switch, which regulates the water flow into the device, is the first switch in the loop. You can use a power meter or multi-meter to check the switch’s voltage to verify if it is operating properly. By making excellent contact with both ends of the pressure switch using a jumper wire, you may also temporarily bypass it. If the switch is the issue, getting around it should enable your heater to turn on.

Testing the high limit switches, the thermostat switch, and the fusible link would be required if the pressure switch is not the cause of the issue or is not the only issue (on a gas heater).

Call us for help

You may contact The Stanley Louis Company at any moment for assistance determining why your pool heater won’t turn on if you’re not confident conducting your own equipment troubleshooting. We service all models of gas and electric pool heaters, and you can count on us to complete the work efficiently and affordably.

To help you with all your needs, we have a highly skilled pool heater repair specialist available around-the-clock. Call us at 800-217-6527 to make a service request.

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