Should You Choose an Active or Passive Solar Pool Heater? We Can Help You Choose

Should You Choose an Active or Passive Solar Pool Heater? We Can Help You Choose

Each year, the average California family spends around $500 on water heating. This is the highest energy expenditure in your house, second only to heating and cooling, and may account for approximately 20% of your monthly water bill. Solar water heaters are being installed by many Californians to combat rising prices. However, which is preferable: passive or active?

We can come to your house and assist you locate the finest solutions at The Stanley Louis Company. Continue reading to discover more, and then call us at 800-217-6527 if you have any questions.

The fundamentals of active solar water heaters

A pump and controls that transport the water from the collection to the water tank are part of an active system. This may entail manipulating the water in a direct or indirect manner. The water flows through the collectors and then into the storage tank if it utilizes a straight route. Our moderate temperature means that it is nearly never below cold, making this a popular choice in California.

The indirect technique is employing a non-freezing heating fluid and cycling it throughout your system. When energy is produced, it is transferred from the fluid to a heat exchanger, which heats the water in the storage tank. This is more likely to be utilized in places where pipelines are at risk of freezing.

Active solar systems are more expensive to build than passive solar systems, but they are also more energy efficient. Within a few years, the decreased monthly utility expenditures frequently compensate for the installation.

The fundamentals of passive solar water heaters heating

Natural convection is used to circulate water in passive solar water heaters. It is built, operated, and maintained with less natural resources. It is, however, not as effective as an active system. Because there are fewer moving components that need to be serviced and maintained, passive systems are usually more dependable and last longer. A passive system is less expensive to install and functions even during power shortages. Because temperatures in California seldom drop below freezing, we offer integrated collector-storage systems.

Making a cost-benefit analysis

Whatever sort of solar water heater you pick, it will be a more environmentally friendly option than most other options. The best one to buy will depend on how much water you use, where you live, how much sunshine you get, and other considerations. Contacting The Stanley Louis Company is the best method to determine which option is best for your house. We’re happy to give an installation price and answer any queries you may have.

A backup solar heater may be necessary in some instances. In other circumstances, it will not. In certain circumstances, many tanks may be required, while in others, only one may suffice. You should seek expert guidance before making a final choice for these and other reasons. Call us at 800-217-6527 right now.

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