Tank Relining in West Hollywood CA

Extend the life of your water heater or boiler with tank relining in West Hollywood CA

Tank ReliningOver time, metal storage tanks on water heaters and boilers can begin to rust or corrode. Eventually, you may develop a leak that compromises your equipment’s efficiency or renders it totally inoperational. Tank relining in West Hollywood CA is a safe and effective means of strengthening the interior walls of your tank to stop interior corrosion and guard against leaks.

Why Reline?

If your water heating equipment is relatively new and is in good shape other than the condition of the tank, it is a good candidate for tank relining in West Hollywood CA. Compared to the cost of replacing the whole system, a tank reline in West Hollywood CA should save you money. Our technicians are experts in tank relining and all other kinds of water heater and boiler repair, so you know you can trust their opinions as to the advisability of relining versus replacing any particular tank.

Is It Time for Tank Relining in West Hollywood CA?

A variety of factors will affect the lifespan of your hot water tank, including:

  • How much water you use
  • How fast water flows through the tank
  • The pH of your water
  • Chemical additives in city water
  • Hardness of the water (mineral content)
  • Type of anode rod used

The best way to tell if you need to get a tank reline in West Hollywood CA is to get a professional to inspect your tank. The techs at The Stanley Louis Company have ample experience in assessing water tank condition and we can recommend solutions suitable for both potable and non-potable water supplies.

Relined Tanks Still Need Maintenance

A tank reline in West Hollywood CA will add years to your tank’s service life, but it won’t last forever. You can get peace of mind by continuing to invest in routine maintenance for your water heater or boiler. In addition to inspecting your new liner for signs of wear and tear, we’ll also provide other necessary maintenance services like tank flushes and temperature adjustments to support the efficiency of your equipment.

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