Marina Del Rey CA

Sandwiched between Playa del Rey and Venice, Marina del Rey CA is an affluent community known for its extensive small boat harbor. There are actually 19 marinas in Marina del Rey CA, which all together can hold about 5,300 boats. Surrounding the harbor are lovely and expensive beach-style homes as well as a cluster of commercial properties known as Fisherman’s Village. Of course no fishermen really used to work here Marina del Rey CA was never a natural harbor but instead used to be a salt marsh. If you own a property in Marina Del Rey CA, you no doubt have some kind of hot water equipment on the premises. Whether you need help with a solar pool heater, a commercial boiler, or a residential tankless water heater, The Stanley Louis Company can handle the job. Our experienced technicians are on call 24/7 to provide fast, professional service in English, Spanish, Arabic, and French. We provide emergency repairs as well as preventative maintenance to ensure a reliable supply of hot water to your property.

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