Boiler Maintenance in Anaheim CA

Protect your investment with routine boiler maintenance in Anaheim CA

Boiler Maintenance in Anaheim CAWould you drive your car for years without an oil change? Of course not. So why would you go years between appointments for routine boiler maintenance in Anaheim CA? You can count on The Stanley Louis Company for your boiler maintenance. We provide thorough routine service to help keep your boiler working efficiently and help prevent breakdowns.

Key Elements of Boiler Maintenance in Anaheim CA

It is very important to get your boiler maintenance from a true professional rather than an ordinary handyman, because only a pro will be able to identify worn or damaged parts and correctly determine when they need to be replaced in order to protect your system against decreased efficiency or even total failure. During a visit from the pros at The Stanley Louis Company, you will receive these key elements of boiler maintenance in Anaheim CA and more:

  • Inspect valves & pipes for water or gas leaks
  • Check for signs of tank corrosion
  • Check burners and heat exchangers
  • Inspect ignition system
  • Check and calibrate thermostat
  • Check for carbon monoxide emission

Need a Repair?

It’s not unusual to need a small boiler repair as part of your boiler maintenance in Anaheim CA. Fortunately, The Stanley Louis Company can help. You can rely on our technicians to give you an honest assessment of the urgency of a given repair need along with an accurate estimate for the work. We can handle all kinds of repair needs from replacing a valve to a complete tank relining.

Packages for Commercial and Residential Clients

Because commercial and residential boilers have different operational demands put on them, they need slightly different boiler maintenance in Anaheim CA. At The Stanley Louis Company, we account for this by offering specialized planned maintenance agreements for commercial and residential clients. The key difference is the frequency of service visits–while the residential plan calls for 1 visit per year, commercial clients get 3 visits in their plan.

Never Forget Your Maintenance Again

Sign up for a maintenance plan today and never risk overlooking this vital service again. Call now to learn more about how we can help you manage your boiler maintenance in Anaheim CA.

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