Now is the Right Time to Consider a Tankless Water Heater and the Benefits It Could Have for Your Property

If your business does not already use a tankless water heater, you are losing out on a lot of advantages. The Stanley Louis Company is here to assist, which is fantastic news. Since 1981, we have dominated the market for commercial hot water products. Since then, new products and technologies have emerged, and we have taken the lead in ensuring that our clients have access to the most energy-efficient solutions available, including solar water heaters, tankless water heaters, and more.

Continue reading to discover additional benefits of tankless water heaters, and call us at 800-217-6527 if you need assistance choosing, fixing, installing, or maintaining your commercial water heater.

The Use of Tankless Water Heaters Has Numerous Advantages

The fact is that not every application is suitable for tankless water heaters. Also, they excel in a variety of applications, it is true. You can rely on us to provide you frank advice regarding what is most likely to be advantageous for your business when you deal with The Stanley Louis Company.

Among the several advantages of tankless water heaters are that there are gas and electric options, you immediately get hot water, they endure for years, due to the absence of a tank, there is no standby heat loss, compared to tank-style heaters, they are less expensive to operate.

Tankless Water Heaters Have One Major Flaw

There is no one-size-fits-all water heater, as we previously stated. Instead, you will need to thoroughly evaluate your needs and choose the solution that best suits them. You can rely on us to be truthful at all times. We are pleased to inform you of the one major disadvantage of tankless heaters: their low flow rates.

Why does that matter? That means that they can only ever deliver a certain amount of hot water on demand. As a result, they might not be a wise choice for a hotel that requires a substantial amount of continuous hot water. They are most effective for businesses that want less hot water or are ready to install many units to ensure they can meet demand.

We Can Assist with Urgent Needs, Upkeep, Repairs, And Much More

When you work with The Stanley Louis Company, you are working with a multifaceted organization. We are available to assist you with any of your water heater-related issues. We are available for you if you require assistance with installation, guidance on which option to select, or emergency repairs in the middle of the night.

We also advise maintenance programs if you wish to increase the lifespan of your business hot water heater. They entail us visiting you on a regular basis to ensure everything is functioning properly. If there are problems, we can resolve them before they worsen. Long-term planned maintenance is a wonderful strategy to increase your hot water heater’s lifespan. Call us at 800-217-6527 to get started.

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