Get big utility bill savings with innovative Lochinvar hot water technology

Lochinvar is well-known as a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency hot water heaters, boilers, and pool & spa products, including models incorporating solar technology. With up to 99 percent fuel efficiency in many models, Lochinvar makes an excellent choice for property owners focused on lowering their energy bills and recouping ROI quickly. At The Stanley Louis Company, we have the skills and expertise required to ensure you get the best possible performance and value out of your Lochinvar technology. We can provide expert installation work to ensure the equipment is properly configured as well as regular maintenance and timely repairs to keep your hot water equipment operating at peak efficiency.

Lochinvar Boilers

Lochinvar boilers are based on tried and true technology that has been successfully providing reliable, energy-efficient heating to residential and commercial properties for decades. Our technicians have ample experience working on all kinds of Lochinvar boilers, including Crest, SYNC, Knight, Power Fin and Copper Fin models. You can rely on us for fast and accurate system troubleshooting and effective and affordable repairs whenever your Lochinvar boiler needs attention.

Lochinvar Water Heaters

Lochinvar offers a tremendous variety of hot water heaters with models available to suit virtually any kind of property or water usage needs. Choose from tankless water heaters, wall mount designs, space saving designs, condensing commercial water heaters, and solar water heaters to get the performance and value you require. At The Stanley Louis Company, we’ll be happy to walk you through all your options and help you select the right Lochinvar technology for your property. We can of course handle all setup and installation needs, plus repairs and service throughout the life of your Lochinvar water heater.

Lochinvar Pool & Spa Products

Lochinvar’s EnergyRite residential pool and spa heaters boast the fastest warm-up times and the highest thermal efficiencies in their class. Commercial products with energy-saving Smart System controls, flexible venting options, and serious heating power are also available. No matter what kind of Lochinvar pool & spa heater you may have, The Stanley Louis Company can help keep it in excellent condition. Ask us about our 24 hour emergency repair service as well as about preventative maintenance to extend the life of your equipment.


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