Get the Facts About How Long You Should Let Your Solar Pool Heater Run

There are numerous benefits to installing a solar pool heater over alternative solutions. But, because this technology is so recent, it’s normal to have concerns about employing it. The Stanley Louis Company is always available to assist you with your inquiries, which is wonderful news. Call us at 800-217-6527. Continue reading to find out when and for how long you should use a home or commercial solar pool heater!

Start With the Fundamentals and Then Hone Your Skills

The first thing you need to understand is that not every pool can be calculated using the same formula. Your individual setup and personal preferences will play a big role. Having said that, we can offer you some fundamental pointers to get started. Then, just modify based on what works for you and your pool.

Make Sure It’s Simple to Track the Performance of Your System

You must first install a thermometer in your pool. In order to inspect it frequently, make sure it is simple to reach when you are not in the water. This is required to keep track of your system’s actual performance.

If The Weather Isn’t Ideal, Don’t Use Your Solar Pool Heater

Using your pool heater when the weather isn’t ideal is not a good idea. For instance, a cloudy day or a day with a lot of rain. They shouldn’t constantly be run on days in the winter when there is more darkness than light. Keep in mind that anything that causes your pool to cool down makes your heater work harder.

You Should Keep Your Panels on During the Day’s Most Intense Sunlight

The most straightforward piece of advice is to just operate your solar panels during the sunniest part of the day. This actually refers to when the sun is directly shining on your panels, not just when it is out. It’s possible that this occurs at a time of day when the remainder of your house receives very little sunlight.

The Flow Rate Is Crucial

The speed at which the sun passes through the solar panels is crucial. A low and gradual result is what you seek. This will lessen the likelihood of an excessive heat loss. It’s true that slower water will take in enough heat to warm it, but keep in mind that this will also enable the panels to continue self-reheating, which is the option that uses the least amount of energy.

On the other hand, if you let water flow swiftly through your pipes, especially if the water is chilly, all the heat will be removed within the first minute. Your solar panels’ overall effectiveness is decreased since they can’t absorb enough heat to catch up.

Examine Your Device’s Specifications

There may actually be specifications with desired GPM flow rate depending on the exact model of your solar pool heater. If you don’t have a flow meter, just estimate it or give The Stanley Louis Company a call at 800-217-6527 so we can come out and evaluate your needs.

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