Flushing Your Hot Water Heater: Is it Really Necessary? Get the Answer from the Pros

Every homeowner is aware of the significance of routine home maintenance. They are aware that neglecting general maintenance puts their property and appliances at risk. They are aware that preventative maintenance is not only necessary to keep appliances from breaking down but also to keep the home secure. Having your water heater cleansed at least once a year is one of the necessary routine maintenance procedures.

A tank water heater needs to be cleansed once a year

All water heaters do not require flushing annually, but tank water heaters do. If you don’t, you’ll probably have to pay for replacement or repairs far sooner than you would otherwise have to. Find out why it’s so crucial and how to arrange servicing by reading on. The Stanley Louis Company can be contacted for assistance at 800-217-6527.

Why it’s important to clean out your water heater

When many homeowners consider flushing their water heater, they also likely consider flushing their toilet, which they probably do every day. They might also consider alternative simple-to-flush plumbing components. It’s not as easy as pulling a lever, in both household and commercial water heaters.

Instead, you should hire a professional who can completely remove the water from your water heater storage tank if you want to properly flush out your water heater. After that, they’ll insert a hose into the tank. To ensure that we can remove all the mineral deposits and other particles that have accumulated in your water heater tank over the past year, the water must be emptied.

Consequences that could result from not flushing your water heater

Of course, you are not required by law to flush your water heater. What occurs then if you don’t? These substances are likely to accumulate on the bottom of your tank, which is what will happen. They will therefore wind up upsetting the flames or other heating source you may have. As a result, the water they are intended to be warming won’t warm up as quickly or effectively.

There is no doubt that one of the most likely reasons for your water heater’s inefficiency is silt, but the problem doesn’t end there. It may begin to leak into your pipes over time. This may cause damage to your pipes, reduced water pressure throughout your residence or place of business, and ultimately pipe bursts.

The Stanley Louis Company urges you to call us at 800-217-6527 for assistance if it has been more than a year since your water heater was cleansed. We can assist with all water heater-related services, including solar unit installation and repairs. Call us immediately away to begin a maintenance program.

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