Discover What a Boiler Expansion Tank is and What It’s Purpose Is

Discover What a Boiler Expansion Tank is and What It’s Purpose Is

Many people do not realize that boiler expansion tanks exist or they do not know what their purposes are. At The Stanley Louis Company we do recommend these for some clients. If you are a good candidate, we will discuss it with you when you contact us for boiler service. In the meantime, read on to learn what boiler expansion tanks are.

What is the Purpose of Hot Water Boiler Expansion Tanks?

Expansion tanks help to provide a cushion for water to expand to when it is heated. If this cushion of air is not available, the pressure in the boiler system can become higher than the system can handle. This results in the pressure relief valve opening, which then discharges water. This is all done to relieve pressure but the boiler expansion tank can prevent that need from happening.

There Are Several Types of Boiler Expansion Tanks

There are a few different types of boiler expansion tanks and your local boiler service company can help you decide which one is best for your particular needs. The two main types of steel type expansion, which essentially looks like a long steel drum, and a bladder type expansion tank. Both can be used in hot water heating applications, domestic water heater application where water hammer and pressure is an issue, and for chilled water cooling applications.

It is more common for newer boiler systems to use a bladder type expansion tank, though steel expansion tanks are still in use. With the steel option, the air and water touch each other, though in the bladder option the air and water are kept separate by a diaphragm. The liquid doesn’t work to compress but air does, so this means that it can be compressed in a closed loop system.

Inside the steel expansion tank, the air is essentially acting like a spring and will absorb the excess pressure that has been produced when the water is heated in the boiler system. The water then expands and contracts – not because of compression but because basic physics covers it when it is heated or cooled.

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If you have questions about boiler expansion tanks or you have other needs related to other boiler issues, you can reach The Stanley Louis Company at 800-217-6527. We specialize in solar water heaters but can help with a wide range of issues. Call us today for service, to get answers to your questions, or to find out what boiler may be best for your unique needs.

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