Could Your Boiler Problems Be Fixed by a Boiler Retrofitting? Learn the Facts Today

Could Your Boiler Problems Be Fixed by a Boiler Retrofitting? Learn the Facts Today

Boiler retrofitting is becoming more and more frequent in California. In many instances, customers are discovering that repairing and customizing their current boiler may be the best way to have a new, efficient boiler when they would have otherwise replaced it. Your boiler can be altered in a variety of ways, such as by switching the fuel source, upgrading the output capabilities, and installing more modern electronics.

The Stanley Louis Company is a business that can assist if you’ve been considering updating your boiler, whether it’s a residential or commercial boiler. Continue reading to learn more about boiler retrofitting, and then call us at 800-217-6527 if you need assistance.

People opt to retrofit for a variety of reasons

You might be asking why someone would opt to retrofit their residential or business boiler as opposed to replacing it. Some businesses want to make sure they’re in compliance with all applicable federal and state air quality regulations in California. Homeowners frequently desire to replace their boiler with one that uses a less expensive fuel.

Others possess a boiler that functions flawlessly but lacks the cutting-edge features they desire. Depending on their current boiler and what they need from it, they might be able to just modernize it rather than shelling out money for a brand-new boiler in some situations. Whatever your motivation, you can be sure that The Stanley Louis Company has the equipment, know-how, ingenuity, and specialists needed to complete this project.

If your boiler is a candidate for retrofitting, we can analyze it

Of course, not all boilers make suitable retrofit options. In some circumstances, replacing a boiler may be more expensive than retrofitting one. In other cases, a boiler might be too old for a retrofit to be cost-effective. Contacting The Stanley Louis Company is the best way to learn if your boiler qualifies. Based on the following standards, we can examine the situation and offer you our best guidance:

  • How old the boiler is
  • The fuel that the boiler burns
  • The boiler’s condition
  • The boiler’s energy efficiency
  • How much energy you may save by upgrading
  • How much it would cost to replace the boiler and remove the old one
  • The price of making changes
  • Demand and capacity for heating

We can examine these variables and inform you of your best possibilities after doing so.

Make a call to the business with the best customer service

Most retrofit projects in California can be handled by almost any boiler firm. When you choose The Stanley Louis Company, you’ll work with a business that is dedicated to giving you first-rate service. We support each and every one of our workers, the goods we offer, and the work we produce. After many years in business, we are aware that the greatest approach to guarantee a constant stream of customers is to offer our clients competent, courteous, and affordable services.

Reach out to us at 800-217-6527 to learn more about your options. We’re prepared to evaluate your boiler and provide you with an unbiased assessment of your top choices.

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