Ask a Pool Heater Technician: What is Pool Heater Ignition Lockout?

Digital technology is wonderful until it starts to behave strangely. When that happens, you can start to have the impression that you’re in the middle of “2001: A Space Odyssey” and a computer is in charge of more aspects of your life than you are.

While a broken digital pool heater won’t likely result in any problems as severe as those caused by HAL the robot in the 2001 film, it can nonetheless be aggravating.

Owners of digital pool heaters may frequently experience ignition lockout as a problem. The ignition lockout on pool heaters is intended to prevent overheating. This is undoubtedly a positive thing, but if owners are unable to unlock the lockout and reset their digital devices, things might quickly turn sour. Your pool’s water will start to get chilly without a working heater, and soon it will be too chilly for you to enjoy.

Why Do Ignition Lockouts Occur with Pool Heaters?

In order to always maintain the desired pool water temperature, digital pool heaters include automatic ignition systems that enable them to turn on and off as well as modify their heat output. Pool heaters also include temperature limit switches that will cause the unit to shut off if the temperature is exceeded during ignition in order to prevent overheating. This stops the water from getting too hot right then, but if the limit switch is not reset, it will allow the water to get too cold.

How Can I Reset My Device?

Depending on the manufacturer and type, different actions must be taken to resolve an ignition lockout on a pool heater. The general steps are, however:

  • Reset the pool heater’s circuit breaker.
  • Using the control panel, turn the system off (typically accomplished by pressing and holding the Up & Down buttons).
  • Verify for error codes (if you see a code like bD or HF this could indicate a gas problem and your system will not reset until the problem is resolved).
  • With the Up and Down buttons, adjust the pool temperature to your preferred level.
  • Restart the filtration system.

Your pool heater’s indication light should start to blink gently after following these instructions, which means the issue has been fixed. If not, you must get a pro to fix your pool heater.

Ignition Lockouts Can Be Avoided in the Future

By fixing these frequent issues, you can lower the likelihood of another ignition lockout on your pool heater: fixing filters and strainers that are clogged, proper temperature monitoring for an unhindered flow, setting the pool heater to a high temperature—more than 105°F—can easily lead to temperature excesses and lockouts.

Finally, when the pool is not in use, close the pool cover to prevent solar heat gain from raising the water’s temperature. You can contact The Stanley Louis Company at 800-217-6527 right now if you are having issues with your pool heater, solar heater, or other water heater.

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