Find Out How Solar Water Heaters Provide Hot Water Even on a Cloudy Day

Find Out How Solar Water Heaters Provide Hot Water Even on a Cloudy Day

One of the questions we often get about solar water heaters is how they can provide heat on a cloudy day. We understand that this can be a concern, but the truth is that they are built to provide heat whenever you need them. Keep reading to learn more about how they can do this, and then contact The Stanley Louis Company at 800-217-6527 if you would like to learn more about these or other types of water heaters.

The Basics of Solar Water Heaters

First, let us go over how a solar water heater works. Also known as SWH, solar water heaters are direct heating instruments. Water is pumped through solar panels that are installed on your roof. Those panels collect heat from the sun, concentrate that heat into the pipes the water is running through, and the water is heated up to whatever temperature you have set.

Once it is warm enough, it goes down to your hot water tank. This direct way of heating eliminates almost all use of electricity, barring the small amount necessary to move the water around.

Most Solar Water Heaters Have an Electric Backup

Now that you understand how it works let’s cover what happens when it is nighttime or cloudy. In most cases, you will have an option to install an electrical backup. However, the goal is to use solar power as much as possible, which is why solar water heaters are generally designed with timers that ensure access 24 hours to hot water.

Practically, what this means is that the electrical backup might come on early in the morning to top off the tank to make hot water for people showering, or it might kick in on the evenings. The good news is that the choice is yours – if you do not occasionally mind not having hot water every second of the day, you can deactivate the electrical backup.

Is a Solar Water Heater the Right Option for You?

Now that you understand how it works, you’re wondering: is it for me? The best way to get an answer is to talk to the water heating experts. At The Stanley Louis Company, we have many years of experience with hot water heaters and with solar power. We can take a look at the location of your home to determine if it is a good candidate for solar power.

We can also go over the alternatives, the costs of all options, and the benefits of each. If you are ready to get started, contact us at 800-217-6527 right away.

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