What’s the Problem with Hard Water? Don’t Let Your Hot Water Leave You Cold

What’s the Problem with Hard Water? Don’t Let Your Hot Water Leave You Cold

Would you be surprised to learn that nearly nine out of ten homes have hard water? If you have seen mineral deposits or spots forming on your faucets, if you need more soap than you think you should to get a lather, or if your clothes are stiff after washing then you are likely in this majority. Many people may simply shrug to learn this but the truth is that hard water can have a bigger impact than you may realize.

Read on to learn how hard water can damage your hot water heater and learn how to prolong its life. Remember that while removing hard water can be helpful, contacting The Stanley Louis Company at 800-217-6527 for regular maintenance is an important step as well.

Mineral blockage can be caused by hard water over time

First, let us understand that hard water is hard because it has dissolved calcium and magnesium in it. These minerals do not stay suspended in water. As time goes on, they settle and stick to the inside of your pipes and inside your boiler or hot water heater. A thin layer doesn’t cause any serious problems, but as time goes on, that layer will get thicker and it can start decreasing water pressure. If you have a shower with a tiny trickle that comes through, it is likely the result of hard water.

Mix hard water and soap to get soap scum

No one wants soap scum in their home yet that’s what happens if you have hard water. The minerals in that hard water will react with the soap you use to result in soap scum. This is a disgusting substance that can build up in drains and sinks. It can make a sink look dirty and it is very hard to get rid of without using some serious elbow grease. If the scum is not cleaned, it can eventually get into your drains and lead to clogs.

Hard water is no friend to your skin and hair

Soap scum will also build up over time on your skin. If you have skin that feels dry and itchy after showering, then hard water is likely part of the problem. The soap scum also forms a layer that prevents soap form getting direct contact with your skin – which means you won’t be as clean as you could have been. The same issues can affect your hair and leave it feel dry and weighed down.

Your appliances can be ruined by hard water

We’ve mentioned that your hot water heater can be affected by hard water but remember that really all of your appliances can be. That includes your washing machine, iron, coffee maker, etc. Anything that involves water can be damaged by hard water. The easy solution is a whole-house water softener that can remove these mineral deposits.

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