Solar Pool Heating Can Save You Much More Than You Think

Solar Pool Heating Can Save You Much More Than You Think

People who do not live in California often assume that people in this state do not need to invest in pool heaters. While they may not typically be necessary in the middle of June, if a homeowner wants to enjoy their pool all year long, they would be well advised to consider a pool heater.

That said, there is usually one big factor standing in the way: The cost. This is where solar water heaters come into play. At The Stanley Louis Company we have been specializing in solar for decades. It is often the case that our clients are shocked to learn just how much they could save by installing a solar pool heater versus a traditional unit. Keep reading to learn more and then contact us at 800-217-6527 to make an appointment for an estimate for your new pool heater.

The Cost of Running a Gas Heater

While the total cost of running a gas pool heater will of course depend on a number of factors, on average it can cost a few thousand dollars per year. That is after your factor in the price of buying the unit in the first place. Spending $2,000 for a more comfortable pool may seem excessive to many families but they often think there is no other option other than a freezing cold pool.

The Process of Solar Pool Heating

Before we discuss the end cost, let us consider how solar pool heating works in the first place. There are several steps involved in the process but it is all automated so the only thing you have to do is get into the water and enjoy the comfortable temperature.

In most cases, a solar pool heating system includes a solar collector, pump, filter, and flow control valve. They all work together to heat the pool water without the resulting environmental impact you would have with a gas pool heater. The water is pumped through the filter and then goes into the solar collector. It is heated there and then returned to the pool.

The Cost to Install and Run a Solar Heater

Of course, the cost of a solar pool heater varies greatly from one model to another. If you choose a glazed option, it will be more expensive than an unglazed option. The good news is that glazed units are rarely necessary in California because they are only needed when temperatures drop below freezing. The total cost of the system will vary based on the size of your pool, what temperature you want, the sun exposure, and other factors. Contact The Stanley Louis Company at 800-217-6527 to get a quote for your particular needs.

According to estimates from the Department of Energy, the average solar pool heater will pay for itself in reduced energy costs in as little as two years and can then save homeowners thousands of dollars per year moving forward.

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