Learn the Facts About Solar Thermal Collectors for Solar Pool Heaters and How They Work

Learn the Facts About Solar Thermal Collectors for Solar Pool Heaters and How They Work

If you live in California and want to know that you have the best pool heater for your needs, then you are likely to do your research. A common question we get is what the difference is between glazed and unglazed solar thermal collectors on solar pool heaters. Keep reading to get the facts about solar pool heaters and their solar thermal collector parts. Then contact The Stanley Louis Company at 800-217-6527 for a quote.

First: What is a Solar Thermal Collector?

First and foremost, we must make sure that we are clear on what a solar thermal collector is. It is used to harness the thermal energy that is created by sun exposure. Cold water is pumped through the collector at the bottom, and as the sun heats up the water, that warmer water rises to the top and can be used to warm your pool. In fact, it can be used to warm water for your home or commercial property too.

Glazed Solar Collectors

The two main types of solar thermal collectors are glazed and unglazed. A glazed solar collector, which is also known as a flat-plate solar collection, is encased in glass. They are built from metal, like copper tubing and aluminum plates, which are installed under an iron-tempered glass covering. They work faster and more efficiently, in less space, but they are more expensive than an unglazed solar collector.

Unglazed Solar Collectors

Generally, much less complex than a glazed solar collector, an unglazed solar collector is made from either heavy-duty rubber or black rubber, which is UV treated to help them last as long as possible. They are cheaper (in most cases) than their glazed counterparts, but they are not as effective and they should not be used on pools in which the temperature ever gets below freezing.

Choosing the Right Solar Collector Size for Your Home

According to the Department of Energy’s recommendations, a solar collector should be between 50% and 100% of the square footage of the pool’s surface. Which end of that spectrum you fall under will vary largely on how warm you want the water to be and how many months out of the year you believe you will be using your pool heater.

If you want to use the pool all year long, then you might want a solar collector that is the full size of the pool, but most people in California only use their pool six to eight months per year. As a result, they are often fine with a 60% – 70% size.

If you have questions about pool heaters, solar pool heaters, or even water heaters, then you can contact The Stanley Louis Company at 800-217-6527 right away. We are here to help you find the right way forward.

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