Learn How to Make the Most of the Space in Your Small Bathroom

Learn How to Make the Most of the Space in Your Small Bathroom

Dealing with a small bathroom can be frustrating. In fact, it is a commonly sighted reason for why a homebuyer decides not to buy a home they are otherwise interested in. If you take steps to make your small bathroom essentially give you more room for the same space, you can not only increase your own comfort but help increase interest in potential buyers when it is time to sell your home.

Invest in a Tankless Water Heater

If you have a water heater taking up space in your small bathroom, one of the easiest and most effective things you can do to make more room is to install a tankless water heater. This can not only free up space but take your water heater off the ground. This allows you to use all the space underneath it. In a small bathroom, this can work wonders.

Choose Wide, Simple Designs

When you are choosing tiles and other design elements of your bathroom, look for wider, simpler patterns. The larger the scale is of a stripe or a circle, the larger the room will feel. If you choose small, tiny tiles, you can expect the already-small bathroom to feel even smaller.

Mount the Sink’s Faucet to the Wall

The key to making the most of a small bathroom is to keep your fixtures as small and out of the way as possible without reducing their usability. Installing the faucet on the wall allows you to have a much narrower sink, which allows for more room to move around in the bathroom – all without reducing your usability. You can also consider installing a trough sink, which is narrow enough to save you a ton of space.

Choose a Round Vanity

If you are shopping for vanities, consider installing a round one. Compared to the more common square vanities, a round one uses less space. The less space is used, the more space will be apparent and the larger the room will look. This also frees up that extra space to make more useable space.

Use the Space Over Your Toilet

Why waste the space over the top of your toilet tank? You can install a counter over it to do your makeup in the morning. You can install shelves for storage. There is no shortage of options for this space and all are worthy – just do not let this space go to waste.

Use the Space on Your Door

Your bathroom door does not need to just be empty space. Install hooks on it to hang your towels. Add art to increase the personality of the bathroom. Hang baskets from it to store your makeup. There is no end of things you can do with your bathroom door.

However you choose to design and utilize your bathroom space, you can count on The Stanley Louis Company to help with all your residential hot water needs. Call us now at 800-217-6527 if you need help.

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