Get the Facts About Raypack XFyre Hydronic Boilers

Get the Facts About Raypack XFyre Hydronic Boilers

At The Stanley Louis Company we have long been supporters or Raypack products. They have proven themselves to be an innovative company that provides high-quality appliances our clients can count on. Today we are going to discuss a newer addition to their line – the Xfyre hydronic boilers. Continue reading to learn more about these boilers, then contact us at 800-217-6527 if you want a personalized recommendation or to learn more about Raypack products.

You Will Appreciate How Efficient the Condensing Is

With this unit, you can expect 94% efficiency condensing. Note that Cat IV venting is required at as much as 99% per part or load. Each of the models within this category is built for either indoor or outdoor construction. No matter where you need to use it, we are here to help get int installed and running.

You Have Flexibility in How it Will Be Installed

Another thing that we love about these particular hydronic boilers is that they have a very small footprint. In fact, they are less than 9.5 square feet. They also offer top side water connections, which means that they are able to be part of a side by side installation. Together these features gives the end user maximum control over how and where it will be installed.

There Are Multiple Pump Outputs

It is true that this option gives you lots of flexibility, including in the multiple pump outputs. From indirect pumps to boiler pumps to system pumps, it has them all. It also has a spark ignition with a remote flame sensor for maximum use and safety. Consider as well the electronic modulating gas valve and burner, which offers as much as 5:1 turndown.

This Boiler Meets All NOx Regulations

This is a boiler that has been certified under SCAQMD Rule 1146.2. What does that mean? It means that it meets 100% of Low NOx regulations. It can support inlet water temps down as low as 50F degrees and it has whisper quiet operation. The on-board diagnostic center is in English – no confusing codes. You will also appreciate that it has as built-in cascade function for as many as four boilers.

It is a Truly Indoor/ Outdoor Option

This option has a VERSA IC control pack that includes a built-in outdoor reset function. You will appreciate that the complete cabinet protects the wiring and controls. It is very easy to service and includes a removable air filter. Finally, consider that it has a tough rust-resistant power coat finish. You can get this unit for either propane or gas.

Need More Information? We Are Standing by to Help

At The Stanley Louis Company we are standing by to offer all the help you need when choosing a boiler. We can install it, provide maintenance, and much more. Contact us at 800-217-6527 and we can get started right away.

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