Everything You Need to Know About Boilers with Heat Recovery

Everything You Need to Know About Boilers with Heat Recovery

As you look for the best commercial boiler for your needs, one of the factors you may want to consider is heat recovery. This can be something that is too technical for many who are not involved in this process. Keep reading to get the basics about heat recovery but remember that you can simply contact The Stanley Louis Company at 800-217-6527 for help.

The Basics of Heat Recovery

First, let us explain what heat recovery is. In a boiler system, it refers to a system that generates either hot steam or hot water using the heat that has been recovered from burners or combustion chambers in a commercial/industrial boiler. It is a great way to make a boiler more energy efficient and it can be utilized in a number of ways.

Non-Condensing Vent Stacks

When you add a non-condensing vent stack economizer to a boiler, it can help transfer energy from the exhaust gas of the boiler to the boiler feed water. In most cases, the wasted heat is then used to boost the temperature of the feed water before it goes into the boiler. This can then increase the overall efficiency of the entire boiler system.

Condensing Economizers

You can combine a non-condensing economizer and a condensing economizer within a single package. This works to capture two types of energy from the flue gases leaving the boiler: Latent and sensible. You can save as much as 8% of your normal fuel consumption with this option.

Blowdown Heat Recovery Unit

If you are wasting energy due to the continuous blowdown of Totally Dissolved Solids in your boiler or temporary hot water system, the blowdown heat recovery unit is the right choice. It transfers most of its heat to the feed water and then sends it back to the feed tank of the boiler. This increases the feed water temperature – which results in better efficiency and improved fuel savings.

Flash Tanks

This option can capture waste heat from blowdown processes. It preheats cold water makeup as well. IF you use a flash tank economizer, it will recycle most of the heat back into the temporary or hot water heater and can then help you reclaim a significant percentage of the blowdown water that’s in the flash system.

Are You Trying to Find the Best Option? We Can Help

If you are looking for the right commercial boiler for your needs then we strongly recommend you contact The Stanley Louis Company at 800-217-6527. With decades of experience in this business, we can start by determining the most important features to meet your needs and then provide options to meet those needs. Call now and let us get started.

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