Don’t Buy a Home Without Considering These Hot Water Warning Signs

Don’t Buy a Home Without Considering These Hot Water Warning Signs

Is there anything more exciting than buying a new home? It is an especially fun experience when you are buying your first home. You know what you want in a home, what you need, and what your budget is. As you tour homes and look for the right choice, there are many things to consider – including the state of its water heater.

Today at The Stanley Louis Company we are going to offer some simple tips to discover if there is a serious plumbing issue in a home you are considering. Note that if there is, you do have options. You can decide not to buy the home or you can put in a bid lower than the asking price to include the cost of upgrades and repairs. If you go that route, remember that we can help with hot water heater installation, maintenance, and much more.

Strange sounds are never a good sign

If you hear sounds that seem to be associated with the plumbing, yet no one is running any water or using the toilet, then you should take that as a warning sign. If you hear running water then it is likely a sign either that the toilet has a leak or that there is a leak within the walls. This can mean not only a plumbing issue but resulting mold issue as well.

If it is an issue with the valves of the toilet, which can get worn over time, then water may be leaking through. This results in the toilet running even though no one is flushing it. It is generally a fairly affordable fix but it could be a sign of a more expensive problem so it is worth having checked out before making an offer.

A stain on the ceiling is a serious red flag

If there is a stain on the ceiling then there is or has been a leak in the plumbing. This is fairly straightforward to determine but finding the cause can be harder. If the stain is under a bathroom then it is likely it is coming from there. If the stain is somewhere else, then more investigation will be needed. A broken pipe can be a serious, expensive problem that you likely don’t want to deal with right after moving into a new home.

Water should not smell bad

Before you make an offer, run the water in the bathrooms and the kitchen. Do you notice a smell? If you do, then there is an issue. A sewage scent can be caused by clogged drains, leaks, or back-ups. Remember that sewage issues are more than smelly – they can create serious safety risks. If sewer gases build up, they can become combustible and could pose a fire hazard.

If you are considering buying a home then you should consider the status of the hot water heater. You can contact The Stanley Louis Company at 800-217-6527 if you need help determining the lifespan of a water heater.

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