Do You Need a New Hot Water Heater? The Answers to These 5 Questions Will Tell You

Do You Need a New Hot Water Heater? The Answers to These 5 Questions Will Tell You

At The Stanley Louis Company, our clients commonly have questions for us about whether or not it is time to replace their water heater. In some cases we can repair their water heater to keep it running as good as new for years to come. In other instances, it makes more sense to replace it. Keep reading to learn about five questions you can ask to find out if it is time to replace your water heater.

  1. Has my water heater broken down more than once?
  2. For most people, one of the first signs that it is time to replace their water heater is the fact that their unit breaks down repeatedly. For example, if there is just a single issue such as a tank leak through a pressure relief valve, then the fix is fast and easy. However, if this keeps happening then it is likely a sign that something more serious is going on and replacement may be the best answer.

  3. Have I invested in going maintenance?
  4. If you drove your car every day for ten years without once getting an oil change, would you expect it to run perfectly? It is likely that you would not. The same concept is true of your water heater. Whether you have a standard or solar water heater, the fact of the matter is that it needs maintenance. It needs to be flushed out, inspected, and serviced. If you have not done this then it is more likely that you need a replacement versus a repair.

  5. Am I planning to sell my house?
  6. When a family is looking to buy a home, they want a new appliances and fixtures. Increasingly, homebuyers are looking for eco-friendly fixtures and appliances. If you can replace an outdated water heater with a new eco-friendly one, it could help you sell your home faster.

  7. Do we get enough hot water?
  8. If you have added square footage to your home, or you plan to have more people living in your home, then it is a good time to think about how much hot water you need on a regular basis and whether or not your current unit can meet those needs. For example, a typical 50-gallon tank offers 33 gallons of hot water at a time. This is enough for about 16 – 17 minutes of a typical shower. Do you need a bigger unit?

  9. Is it important to me to be more energy efficient?
  10. Newer water heaters are more energy efficient than older water heaters. This is true even if you choose a standard water heater, but with today’s solar water heater and tankless options, you can save even more. This is good news whether your goal is to help the environment or to simply cut back on your utility costs.

If you are ready to find out more about finding the right new water heater for your needs, reach out to The Stanley Louis Company at 800-217-6527 and let us help you get started.

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