Discover the Many Potential Commercial Uses for Tankless Water Heaters in California

Discover the Many Potential Commercial Uses for Tankless Water Heaters in California

Tankless water heaters have been largely accepted for residential applications but many people do not realize that commercial tankless water heaters can be excellent as well. At The Stanley Louis Company we are happy to discuss water heater options with our commercial clients. Give us a call at 800-217-6527 or keep reading to find out what uses they can have in commercial applications.

Apartments and Condos

Yes, large residential buildings can benefit from commercial tankless water heaters. Even dorms at schools or military bases can take advantage of these options. Note that these heaters are smaller, require less room, and are more affordable than traditional water heaters. They are a great way to keep costs down for property owners and tenants alike.


Hotels can see big benefits from using a tankless water heater. First, every room has its own access to hot water when they need it, which gives guests more control over their own comfort. Second, these options are less likely to malfunction than other types of water heaters. If it does malfunction, it will affect only the guests in the room – not an entire floor of guests.

Car Washes

It may be hard to imagine somewhere that uses more hot water than a car wash. It is common that a standard water heater tank is incapable of keeping up with the demand. This can lead to waiting customers, refunds, and bad reviews. On the other hand, a tankless water heater can provide the hot water needed to ensure that each client gets a spotless, clean car wash.

Health Clubs / Gyms

The average health club or gym uses thousands of gallons of hot water every single day. Most deal with this by having several huge, bulky, hot water heaters in utility rooms. As the water travels from those heaters – which are often far away from where the hot water is needed – temperature is lost at every inch of travel. Tankless water heater gives hot water right where it is needed and prevents this unnecessary heat loss.

Commercial Laundry Facilities

Once again, there is no question that laundry facilities use a lot of water. When tankless water heaters are used, they can be installed throughout at various locations. This can help them provide the right level of hot water at the right place – for a lower cost. Places that use a lot of towels, like beauty salons, can also benefit from tankless heaters for their laundry needs.

If you are in need of an upgraded water heater, whether you want a traditional unit or a tankless option, whether you are a commercial or residential client, The Stanley Louis Company is here to help. Call us now at 800-217-6527 and we will get started.

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