Is a Boiler Retrofit the Right Answer to Your California Boiler Problems?

In California, retrofitting boilers is becoming both more popular and more common. In many cases, when people would have replaced their boiler, they’re finding that repairing and customizing their existing boiler may be the best way to get a modern, efficient boiler. There are many ways to modify your boiler, including changing the type of […]

Do You Know the Water Heater Dos and Don’ts? Learn How to Stay Safe

With so many wildfires in California this year, homeowners and business owners are taking every step possible to reduce the chance of fire. What many don’t know is that hundreds of home fires start each year because of water heaters. This isn’t because water heaters are dangerous, it’s because many people don’t know about the […]

Emergency Boiler Service and Beyond: Call Us Now if You Need Help

What are you looking for in a company that services your boiler? If you’re like most Californians, you want affordable prices, good quality service, and a company you can trust. At , we’ve been helping clients just like you since 1981. It our 35+ years of experience, we’ve learned how to provide exceptional service. Read […]

5 Reasons to Turn to the Stanley Louis Company for All Your Boiler Needs

We have many goals but one of our top priorities is ensuring that our clients can call us for all their hot water service needs. Whether you need something installed, repaired or maintained, whether it’s a water heater, tankless system, boiler, solar hot water system, or a pool heater, we can help. Whether your needs […]

Find Out if You Could Save Money by Upgrading to a Solar Water Heater

There’s no question that a solar water heater is more efficient than either a gas heater or electric heater. That said, there are some costs that can make a solar heater more expensive initially. Solar heaters aren’t for everyone. At , we always recommend the best solutions for our clients and we’re happy to do […]

Could Your New Green Life Save You Money on Your Taxes?

There are many reasons that it’s worth it to upgrade your home’s appliances, plumbing, and heating and cooling system to greener alternatives. You already know that it can save you money in the long run, that it’s a responsible choice for our environment, and that it can increase the value of your home. But did […]

Tankless Water Heaters: Is it the Right Choice for Your Home?

It’s true that there’s nothing new about tankless water heaters but don’t take that to mean that they’re not a great option for many homes. In fact, they’ve become more popular in recent years as they’ve been improved. Whether you’ve already got one and need it repaired or replaced, or you’re just starting to think […]

How Long Should You Let a Solar Pool Heater Run?

There’s a long list of advantages to installing a solar pool heater versus other options. That said, because this is a relatively new technology, it’s common to have questions about using it. The good news is that is always here to help answer your questions. Just give us a call at . To learn more […]

Hot Water Heater Flushing: What is it and is it Really Necessary?

Any homeowner knows how important it is to perform regular maintenance on their home. They know that if they don’t get up with general upkeep, then they’re putting their appliances and property at risk. They know that preventative maintenance isn’t just a way to prevent appliances from breaking down, but essential to ensuring the home […]

Is Your Boiler Kettling? This Could Be a Sign of a Serious Problem

What comes to mind when you imagine a kettle boiling? If you’re like many people, it may be comforting. It may bring to mind images of your parents or grandparents enjoying a cup of tea or a mug of coffee on a cold winter day. That same noise that can be so comforting can actually […]

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