Answers to Even More Questions About Solar Pool Heaters in California

Answers to Even More Questions About Solar Pool Heaters in California

Last month we discussed answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about solar pool heaters. We’ve found more questions from clients and want to address them with this blog. If you still have questions you can always call The Stanley Louis Company at 800-217-6527 for help.

What is the Installation Process Like?

Installing a solar pool heater can take one day or up to three days, depending on a few factors. The larger the system is, the longer it takes to install. Also, some types of roof may require more work. If trenching or concrete work is required, you can expect it to take longer. We will give you an honest assessment when we give you an estimate.

Will a Solar Water Heater Keep My Pool Heated?

This question may be simple but it is a good one. The truth is that during spring, summer, and fall, the right sized solar water heater will likely be enough to keep your pool between 78 and 85F. You should expect that from November to March, the pool will be warmer than it would without a heater but it will not likely stay in this temperature zone.

There are steps you can take to maximize the heating power, such as choosing a pool heater that prevents nighttime heat loss. You can also choose different solar panels that can work during cooler parts of the year, or you can add an electric backup model.

How Long Will Solar Pool Heating Panels Last?

It will depend on many factors but you should expect that the average solar pool heating panel will last for decades – and in some cases longer. Some solar pool systems that were installed as early as the 1970s are still fully operational today. When you choose your pool heater, we will discuss its likely lifespan with you.

Are Better Solar Panels Going to Be Released Soon?

If you are waiting to invest in solar panels until better options are available, you should know that the efficiency of the type of solar panels used for swimming pool heating has not been improved for more than 25 years. Most run at about 90% efficient. Waiting for a better option is not advised.

Call Us Today to Find Out if We Can Help with Your Pool Heating Needs

If you have a pool and you need it heated, then you need to talk to The Stanley Louis Company. We are standing by at 800-217-6527. We are happy to answer your questions, to listen to the facts about your current setup, and to provide our expert advice on what may work better for you. Call us now and let us get started.

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