3 Reasons Business Owners Should Consider Commercial Solar Hot Water Heaters

3 Reasons Business Owners Should Consider Commercial Solar Hot Water Heaters

If you run a commercial business then you should seriously consider a commercial solar water heater. At The Stanley Louis Company we find many businesses do not know why these incredible water heaters are such a great idea. Keep reading to learn three of the main reasons we highly recommend them, then contact us at 800-217-6527 if you would like a quote to have one installed.

  1. Reduce Your Company’s Operating Costs
  2. There are two ways a business can increase profits: By increasing their revenue or lowering their costs. While we can’t help you boost revenue, we can install a commercial water heater that could reduce your operating costs. Solar energy allows you to keep your costs of heating water low even as the price of electricity and other energy sources rise. Depending on the type of company you run and how much water is used on a regular basis, this could be a significant cost saving. Remember that we also offer solar pool heaters for commercial customers who have pools at their locations.
  3. Rebates and Incentives Can Lower Your Long-Term Costs
  4. There are various rebates from both state and federal governments that you may qualify for. This could save you as much as 60% off the cost of installing solar panels. If you then enroll in an energy metering program, you could even sell any overproduction back to the utility. In this way, you could essentially not just save money but make money. The rebates and incentives vary so be sure to look into your options before moving forward.
  5. You Can Stand Ahead of Your Competition
  6. Today’s client is looking not just at who can give them the lowest price but who is doing their part to help the environment. Being a leader in the solar water heater industry can help you show that you are a green organization. It can indicate to potential clients and customers that you take your responsibilities seriously. You may be surprised by how many people, when comparing two otherwise identical companies, will choose one based on their environmental record.

Are You Ready for More Details on Commercial Solar Water Heaters?

If your interest has been piqued and you are ready to learn more about the cost of installing a solar water heater, we recommend that you contact The Stanley Louis Company as soon as possible. You can reach our offices by calling 800-217-6527. We have been working in the solar field for many years and are ready to help you find the solutions you need for the products you want.

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